The Heart

Our heart is part of our cardiovascular system, the main responsibility of this system is the transportation of nutrients around the body, the removal of waste products from metabolism and the delivery of oxygen to bodily tissues.  Transportation of these substances occur in our blood, which is predominantly made up of red blood cells (responsible […]

Understanding Plyometrics

It’s 2017 and everything but the kitchen sink has been turned into a fitness fad at some point. One casualty of this I’m particularly interested in highlighting is plyometrics. I’ve seen trainers and class instructors place them in programmes incorrectly and by observing the repetitions, sets and technique instructed, it appears these movements aren’t fully […]

The Three Energy Systems Part 3

The final instalment in this blog trilogy covers the final aspect of the energy making cycle and the most frequently used system, the aerobic energy system. We use the aerobic system aka the oxidative system primarily during endurance based actives, low intensity exertion and also when we’re at rest. It primarily utilises carbohydrates and fat […]

The Three Energy Systems Part 2

Following on from last weeks part 1, in which I provided a brief summary on energy production and subsequently explained in further detail our three energy systems. This week I’ll continue and summarise the next steps in energy production. Last week I covered the phosphagen system and explained that it’s used primarily for short duration […]

The Three Energy Systems Part 1

After my blogs on ATP, a natural progression would be to discuss our energy systems and the roles they play in energy regeneration. Before I move onto this new topic, here’s a brief summary on ATP (adenosine triphosphate) from my write ups in my two previous blogs on the topic. What happens is, once we […]