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Jerks Part 1 of 2

A natural progression after performing a variation of a clean, is to carry out a “jerk” motion. In weightlifting, a jerk is when you drive the bar above your head at a powerful speed, whilst simultaneously dropping underneath the bar and catching it in a locked position. This type of explosive movement has multiple training […]

Cleans Part 2 of 2

Following on from last weeks blog, this week will break down the complicated movement known as the clean. The clean is the first part of the competition lift, the “Clean & Jerk” (next week I will cover the jerk). The clean is typically regarded as the most complicated lift to learn along with the snatch […]

Cleans Part 1 of 2

The clean, is one of the best exercises in regards to sports performance. Classified in a broader term as an olympic lift, the nature of the movement has a carry over into many sports and can be used to develop speed, power, strength and co-ordination, amongst many other valuable attributes. The clean is an advanced […]

The Back Squat Part 2 of 2

The back squat is one of the most simple, yet complicated exercises to perform. There is no such thing as a perfect squat as we all posses to many mechanical differences. The below guide is intended for use by anybody who’s read and understood blog one, only after you’ve understood how to identify and correct […]

The Back Squat Part 1

The back squat, one of the most used exercises ever. These two blogs should provide the reader with a self help guide on how to squat, when to squat and also providing some supplementary knowledge to help develop your own opinions about this useful movement. Squats are compound exercises. To be referred to as a […]

Warm Up (Version 2)

This blog is designed to provide the reader with the basic necessary knowledge to develop their own warm up routine. Last year I wrote a similar blog, however, as I’m continually furthering my education, I’ve modified a few aspects to fit in with my current point of view. The objective of a warm up routine, […]

Holiday Training & Nutrition Part 1 of 2

Despite what the new breed of “motivational” entrepreneurs may have some people thinking, taking time off isn’t lazy or a waste of time, rest and recovery are just as important as training and nutrition.  So when you do go away, this blog will hopefully provide some food for thought as to how you can maintain […]

Optimising Performance & The Definition Of Core Stability

Here’s a paper I produced regarding the findings for a “definition of core stability” and “the most effective method of conditioning the core for sports performance”. Anybody interested in optimising performance, should find my summary interesting and applicable. Enjoy. Introduction: Since the 1980’s, the definition of core stability and its training methods has been researched […]

Brain Muscle Connection

We move for a number of reasons, voluntary actions, reactions and unconscious internal function. To physically facilitate these actions, our muscles must become involved. This blog will provide information on the components involved and more specifically, how these signals innervate muscle movement. There are two main categories that make up our nervous system. The central […]