Goodbye For Now & Some Parting Food For Thought.

The time has a come for me to say goodbye temporarily.  I’ve written one blog a week for 100 weeks, a goal I set out to achieve when I first started writing.  I’ve spent between 1-4 hours on each blog and have based them mainly around topics I felt would be of interest/use to the general population and also, areas I actually wanted to learn more about or refresh my own understandings (mutually benefiting).  Quite frankly I could’ve put this content into a book and charged for the information, but I didn’t as I felt it was part of my duty as a personal trainer to share my knowledge and give others an insight in my own beliefs and how/why I support them.

For anybody who’s followed my content over the last two years, they will know the underlying theme in my blogs have been providing food for thought on multiple topics related to health and also my drive to ensure the fitness industry develops a more prominent role within the health sector.  It’s my strong opinion that that trainers don’t have a respected presence medically, simply because the industry is so poorly regulated and subsequently filled with sub-optimal examples of quality trainers.

As somebody who has sat and “qualified” in over 20 self entry fitness courses and is now starting an MSc at university, the difference is frighteningly clear.  The required standards set out in the majority of these fitness courses, don’t compare to the requirements of university education.  Could this be a key reason professionals such as physiotherapists are held in higher regards than personal trainers?  I’m not comparing this for the sake of ego or “my job’s better than yours”, but imagine if a doctor or the NHS had a referral scheme with a personal trainer as they do physiotherapists or dieticians etc.  Under the correct guidance, pandemics such as obesity, diabetes and back pain would all be preventative rather than reactive as they are now.  By having the title of personal trainer “protected” like other medical professionals have, we help limit the amount of garbage circulating and polluting the industry. 

Now I’m not suggesting a mass cull of trainers, but a plausible solution to this could be to have those that have taken part in sufficient education be referred to as “Personal Trainers” and this those who haven’t be referred to as “Fitness Instructors”.  That way the Instagram model jacked up to hit eyeballs in anabolic steroids without a clue how to help others look as ripped was he does, will be separated from the biomechanist who understands his craft and how to guide others.  Sadly the latter 9 times out of 10 will not get a second look, as most peoples perception of knowledge is sadly based on the size of their biceps or how big their bum is.  When I suggest “sufficient education” I’m not just referring to those who are university educated, some of the worst trainers I’ve ever seen have come from university backgrounds.  However, it’s the closet thing available to ensure high standards at the moment, as a lot of self entry certifications available to trainers are practically given away.

To be honest, I really don’t care if this offends some people. There are millions of people dying from preventable health issues and I truly believe if personal trainers had a bigger role in this “health circle”, these numbers would eventually be drastically reduced.  I really hope this trend of semi-pornographic fitness ends soon and is looked back on in the future as a phase, just like the cheesy aerobic workouts of the 80’s are today. 

I still intend to play a role in enforcing this standard for the greater good of the planets health, but you can’t fire a canon ball from a canoe.  Which translated means, at 26 I’m going to A.) Lead by example and get my university education B.) Going to open a chain of training studios and generate a strong sustainable business to support my ambitions and C.) Further develop myself, my business and point of view to try and help as many people as I can.  Sadly, this doesn’t allow me to spend 4 hours a week writing blogs, so have reluctantly come to the decision to stop them until my schedule allows me to produce quality content.  In the meantime, I will look at producing more podcasts and videos, keeping those interested updated on my journey along the way.

During these 100 blogs, I’ve developed as a business, evolved as a person and faced many challenges along the way.  For those who have followed the content, I hope you took from some of the information I’ve shared and that it’s helped you to some degree.  I will return to writing blogs at some point, but my main focus for now is the success of my ventures, so until next time….


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